Samford Road/Wardell St upgrade

Coordinators: Steve Amos, Gordon Melvin

4 Responses to Samford Road/Wardell St upgrade

  1. John Nightingale says:

    I recall some discussion on our website following the initial consultation which I attended along with a number of local residents. That discussion has disappeared with renovation of the blog, I guess. But as I recall, the original plan had more for cyclists, except that it was mainly shared paths and proposals for cooperation with BCC to take the east-west cycle route off Samford Rd and onto Pickering St from Gaythorne to Sicklefield Rd. The latter seems to have disappeared completely from TMR’s proposal, possibly due to council’s indifference to the idea – who knows? I thought the shared path concepts reasonable, but not very suitable to the road warriors, but then road warriors don’t need dedicated bike lanes anyway. Have to agree that the current plans won’t encourage local non-road warrior commuters to and from the railway station(s).

    For north-south cyclists, no progress at all, just an abdication of responsibility. The putative plan for a route alternative to the worst of Wardell St south of Samford Rd, on Stirling St seems to have gone entirely, too hard, because Stirling dead ends at Lloyd St, thus providing not much gain for another doubleback to Wardell on Lloyd. There are alternatives via Moore St and thence various, even an apparent ped, perhaps bike, crossing of the creek, but I suspect gradients of many of these are not pleasant. Local knowledge required – over to you, Stephen & Gordon.

    The ‘limit of works’ markers implies that responsibility for anything beyond them is abandoned. It’s a convenient engineers’ way to avoid difficulties in plans that they produce: develop something that looks good as far as it goes and ignore the consequences beyond.

    Certainly, we should be bothering them with our distaste for their disregard for our concerns. Just another example of the reasons that Brisbane is no city for cyclists.

    John N.

    • Hi John, we’re not aware of anything having disappeared from the web site (nor from the old blog on Blogspot, either). Let us know if you find where the previous discussion was.

  2. John Nightingale says:

    I have found the original discussion on the archived blogs, at July 2011. May be useful to put a link to it directly on this Project page.

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