Riverwalk Replacement (former Floating Walkway)

Coordinator – Donald Campbell

The former Floating Walkway between the Howard Smith Wharves and Merthyr Rd New Farm provided a vital link for active transport between the CBD and the New Farm/ Teneriffe area until it was washed away during the 2011 floods.  The Riverwalk is set to be reinstated with a new fixed structure between mid to late 2014 according to Council.


The floating walkway was installed and opened in 2003 providing a vital link between the Brisbane CBD and the New Farm, Teneriffe area.  During that time cycling increased in the peninsular with the 2006 census recording over 5% of trips made by residents were by bicycle. The Floating walkway quickly became popular and just before its demise according to council it was carrying over 3000 pedestrian & cyclist movements a day. While the floating walkway was located in New Farm people from beyond used this link to access the CBD on a safe & convenient corridor.

Replacement Structure

During the consultation period the CBD BUG outlined four key design criteria that the replacement structure should meet

  1. Segregation of bicycle rides and pedestrians (safety factor)
  2. Designed for bicycle commuters (safety factor)
  3. Clear lines of sight (safety factor)
  4. Above the king tide mark (reliability factor)

The replacement to the former Floating Walkway is to be a Fixed Structure set well above the King High Tide line making it useable throughout the year. According to council the replacement is to be segregated with 2.5m allocated to pedestrians and 3.5m allocated to cycling. Due to the structure being out in the river clear lines of sight should not be a problem. As with the preliminary designs being released on 22.08.12 some minor concerns may arise with some of the bends but more detailed drawings need to be sourced.

Media Releases

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