Queensland Children’s Hospital

The new Queensland Children’s Hospital is being constructed by Abigroup adjacent to the existing Mater and related hospitals in South Brisbane. Construction work started in May 2009 and the hospital is scheduled to be open in 2014.

The work site fronts on to Stanley Street, which is a major connection for cyclists from the eastern and southern parts of Brisbane. There are bike lanes on the road but heavy traffic means many cyclists prefer to use the footpaths. The developers have applied to completely close the southern footpath for the duration of the project (until 2014). CBD BUG has been actively opposing the application, and will continue to do so.

More information

Information on the current state of construction is available on the Status of current construction work section of the Queensland Health web site.  This information is updated weekly.

From time to time CBD BUG posts blog updates on the project.

CBD BUG’s representative on the cycling consultative body established for the project is Paul Murdoch. If you have questions or issues about the project please contact Paul.

Issues can be raised directly with the developers. The Community Relations Manager is Phil Hortz, and can be reached on 1800 285 839. If you talk directly to the developers, please keep Paul informed.


Minutes of meetings between the developers and CBD BUG and other cycling representatives:


Correspondence relating to this project:

Other documents

Documents obtained by CBD BUG under the Right to Information (RTI) Act:

Note: 60 documents have been obtained to date, but only those of particular interest have been digitised and posted online by CBD BUG. The other documents are currently in hard copy only but members are welcome to inspect them.

Media coverage

Relevant media interest in the project:

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