Green bridges

Coordinator: Paul French

Source: Smart Cities, p.32

Brisbane residents love our river, but we're equally aware that it's a big barrier to being able to move around freely between different parts of the city. Recent years have seen the construction of a number of dedicated cycle/pedestrian bridges (the Goodwill Bridge and Kurilpa Bridge), and construction of dedicated cycle/pedestrian on other road bridges (the Leo Hielscher Bridges and Eleanor Schonell Bridge), but there are still some more bridges needed, to deliver good cycle (and walking) connectivity to the city.

The most pressing need is for a connected series of links east from the CBD to Kangaroo Point, then New Farm, Bulimba and Hamilton in turn. Other possible links are from Toowong (or western St Lucia) to West End, and from Riverhills to Bellbowrie.


Source: City Centre Master Plan, p.31

The idea of new, ‘green’ bridges east of the city centre is not new. The first bridge, from the CBD to Kangaroo Point, was a clear proposal nearing approval in the mid-2000s, as the ‘next cab off the rank’ after what is now the Kurilpa Bridge.

Brisbane City Council's 2006 Brisbane City Centre Master Plan included both the first bridge, from the CBD to Kangaroo Point, and the second bridge, to New Farm, as well as what is now the Kurilpa Bridge.

Source: Smart Cities, p.20

In 2007, the Queensland Government's Smart Cities: rethinking the city centre report also clearly identified the need for a series of pedestrian/cycle bridges east of the CBD, characterising it as a ‘spine’ through suburbs including Kangaroo Point, New Farm and Bulimba, and allowing safe and direct access to the city for residents of inner eastern suburbs.

Source: RCB Background Paper, p.12

The two levels of government then joined to work on a combined plan, the River City Blueprint, which further identified the need for a pedestrian/cycle bridge at Toowong, and another bridge further east, from Bulimba to Hamilton.



From Qld Govt: Response about state of planning 17 July 2009 (PDF, 332 kB)
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