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The Eastern Busway will connect from the University of Queensland at St Lucia to Capalaba. It is being built in three stages: from UQ to the South East Busway at Buranda (previously known as the Boggo Road Busway, finished August 2009), from Buranda to Main Avenue at Coorparoo (finishing late 2011), and from Coorparoo to Capalaba. The busway provides benefits to cyclists in the form of new cycle connectivity, but there will also be impacts during construction.

The CBD BUG contact for the project is Paul French. Updates are posted under the Eastern Busway tag.

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UQ to Buranda

The first section, also known as the Boggo Road Busway connects from the University of Queensland at Lucia across the Eleanor Schonell Bridge to the South East Busway at Buranda. It was completed in August 2009.

The project includes a bikeway on the busway bridge across Ipswich Road from O’Keefe Street to the Princess Alexandra Hospital and around the northern side of the hospital. Where the busway goes under the train line the bikeway runs south and up to Kent Street, connecting to the intersection of Cornwall Street and Annerley Road on the east side of Dutton Park railway station. The project does not provide a connection from there to the Eleanor Schonell Bridge and UQ. Cyclists instead have to cross Annerley Road using a series of pedestrian signals, and use the footpath or kerbside lane on Annerley Road to get up to the intersection of Gladstone Road. Refer to Map and details.


Boggo Rd Busway Documents

Buranda to Coorparoo

Scheduled for completion late 2011.


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Coorparoo to Capalaba

Future project.

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