Toombul rail bridge work, Kedron Brook Bikeway

BCC advises Queensland Rail is undertaking urgent maintenance on the North Coast Rail Line bridge over Kedron Brook at Toombul.

Approximate location of the works.

QR will be working in the Kedron Brook channel and occupying Council land at Bage Street and beside the pathway for up to three months.

The bikeway will remain open and traffic controllers will be used to ensure bikeway safety. Short delays can be expected to allow the movement of equipment to the work site.

For further information, please call Queensland Rail on 13 16 17.

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Construction traffic on Mt Coot-tha Road

The Mount Coot-tha Residents’ Group has written to us warning of dangerous turns by Transcity construction shuttle buses across the shared path on Mount Coot-tha Road, at the Legacy Way construction site.

The path is well used by recreational cyclists accessing Mount Coot-tha to train or exercise, as well as by local residents accessing the freeway overpass to reach Toowong, the CBD and other locations. Drivers of the shuttle buses need to give way to (and find a gap in) both oncoming traffic on the road and pedestrians and cyclists on the shared path, and find it difficult to do so. In part this is because they need to check both directions for path users, and in part because of poor visibility onto the path from the road (particularly for southbound path users). This has resulted in at least one ‘near hit’ so far, and we are keen to avoid more.

This issue is likely to become significantly more severe with Transcity’s proposed large increase to its workforce and to the quantity of parking on Mount Coot-tha.

The road safety audit commissioned by Transcity proposes requiring cyclists and pedestrians to give way to buses using the driveway (contrary to sections 74(1)(c) and 75(1)(b) of the road rules), and physical barriers to prevent cyclists from crossing the driveway without slowing for the buses. Needless to say, this would be a totally inappropriate response to the risk, and to Transcity’s credit they have not implemented it.

Please be alert for shuttle buses or other construction traffic crossing the path to enter or leave the site. If you observe any unsafe driving (including failing to give way to pedestrians or cyclists on the path) please report it to us at and to Transcity on 1800 778 772 or

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Driveways on Wynnum Rd footpath at Norman Park

Cr Shayne Sutton (Morningside Ward) has written to the CBD BUG requesting a message be passed on from residents of Wynnum Road to cyclists for them to exercise caution when riding on the Wynnum Road path between Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne and the Canning Bridge in Norman Park.

The Queensland Road Rules put the onus firmly on a motorist entering or departing land adjacent to a road or road-related area (e.g. footpath or shared path) to give way to path users. However, in the interest of safety the CBD BUG encourages everybody using this path to exercise good judgement.

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Nominations called to fill CBD BUG Co-convenor casual vacancy

All CBD BUG members are invited to nominate for a CBD BUG Co-convenor casual vacancy.

This vacancy has arisen as Ian Lister, one of the CBD BUG’s Co-convenors, has accepted a new work posting and will be moving to the United States within the next few weeks.

Interested members are asked to forward their nomination to the CBD BUG via email to It is intended this position will be filled from the nominations received, based on the endorsement of the members assembled at the forthcoming General Meeting on 25 July 2012.

Our sincere thanks go to Ian for all his efforts as a CBD BUG Co-convenor. During the last several years he has strongly advocated for improved conditions for Brisbane cyclists, been one of our most active contributors to our letter and submission writing, and worked tirelessly to maintain the CBD BUG’s highly professional digital presence via our website, blog, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We wish him and his betrothed, Lisa, the very best for this next, exciting stage of their lives together.

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July General Meeting – Wednesday, 25 July

The July general meeting will be held at 12.30pm this Wednesday, 25 July in the usual tiered theatrette in the BCC library on the ground floor of Brisbane Square, 266 George Street. All members are welcome, and new members can join at the meeting.

Our guest speaker this month will be Matt Johnson, Director, Cycling Program, Department of Transport and Main Roads. He will be discussing the state government’s current projects and future plans for cycling, particularly in the greater Brisbane area. (This presentation was originally scheduled for the May meeting.)

Continue reading

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Pushies Galore bike bus

Pushies Galore 2012 is on this weekend and, as previously promised, for cyclists wanting to ride but who are unfamiliar with a safe route, a group will be starting out at 9.00 am on Sunday, 15 July from Cup Coffee, 85 Russell Street West End. At 9.15 am the bunch will swing by the Ship Inn Hotel (south end of the Goodwill Bridge) to pick up those waiting.

The group will ride at a relaxed pace along the SE Bikeway that runs beside the Pacific Motorway until taking to the road for the last 2 kms (max) to the Holland Park Bowls Club, Abbotsleigh St, Holland Park.

For more information about Pushies Galore see the information on the CBD BUG site or the Biking Brisbane site.

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Wynnum Esplanade shared path upgrade

Approximate location of the upgrade.
(Click for a larger image)

BCC advises the shared pathway along the Wynnum foreshore from Darling Point to the wading pool will be progressively upgraded in sections commencing on Monday 16 July.

Cyclists and pedestrians will need to divert around the work areas onto the grass. BCC recommends that cyclists dismount and walk past the work zone. Alternately, cyclists can use the road and rejoin the pathway after the work area.

The work is expected to take 4 weeks. For further information, please contact Mr Jeff Fry on 3403 8888.

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Bulimba Creek Bikeway closure, Mansfield

Approximate location of closure and detour.
(Click for a larger image.)

BCC advises that a section of the Bulimba Creek Bikeway north of Eastwood Drive, Mansfield (between Wecker Road and Pine Mountain Road) will be closed for re-construction from 16 to 20 23 to 27 July.

Cyclists will need to detour via Wecker Road and Scrub Road if riding from the south, and via Pine Mountain Road, Scrub Road and Wecker Road if riding from the north.

Signs will be placed along this detour adjacent to existing bikeway signs to direct riders.

For further information, please call the project supervisor, Mr Jeff Fry on 3403 8888.

Update (18 July): BCC advises the work has been delayed until 23-27 July due to weather.

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More Legacy Way car parking on Mt Coot-tha

BCC has advised us of its intention to close part of Sir Samuel Griffith Drive on Mount Coot-tha in order to use it for car parking for construction of Legacy Way. The proposed closure will be for around two years.

The section proposed to be closed is on the ‘front’ of the mountain, parallel to Scenic Drive, as shown below. Cyclists that currently use Sir Samuel Griffith Drive (the left fork when descending) would instead need to use Scenic Drive (the right fork) to get back down to Mount Coot-tha Road. Currently, a significant number of cyclists prefer to stay on Sir Samuel Griffith Drive as it is considered significantly safer due to its gentler gradient, better sight lines, and slower traffic at the intersection of Mount Coot-tha Road.

The road closure will make way for an extra 150 car parking spaces for workers on the Legacy Way tunnel project, in addition to the 291 spaces already provided (170 in the newly constructed car park at the top of Scenic Drive, 81 in the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens car park, and 40 in the Toowong Park and Ride car park). BCC estimated last year that the total workforce at the site would not exceed 291 for the life of the project, with the split between day and night shifts meaning that no single shift would have more than 248 workers at peak, or 202 workers if more of the work was done at night.

BCC is seeking public comment until 17 July. If you have an opinion, please let them know via:

The project team is also reachable via phone on 1800 692 333, and additional information is available on the project web site.

Legacy Way Workforce parking proposal — Lower Sir Samuel Griffith Drive (PDF, 2.4 MB)

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Poll: do you use a video camera on your bike?

They’ve become increasingly common over the last few years, but a few incidents in the last week have attracted some renewed interest in people using compact video cameras to record their bicycle trips.

Needless to say, they won’t save you any injuries if you do end up having a collision, but they can be invaluable when it comes to identifying a driver, recovering costs for damage or injuries, or ensuring that charges are filed, particularly when (as all too often) it comes down to a ‘he said, she said’ situation, or unsupportive police. They could well also act as an effective deterrent to unsafe or threatening behaviour on the roads.

Do you use a video camera when on your bike?

  • Yes, it's an effective way to protect myself and others (12%, 6 Votes)
  • Yes, but more for interest or fun than safety (10%, 5 Votes)
  • No, but I'm thinking about it (71%, 36 Votes)
  • No, it's a bit over the top (7%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

Loading ... Loading ...

Have you ever had to use footage from a video camera (and did you have any success)? Which brands or models are most suited for use on a bicycle? Let us know in the comments below.

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