General meetings are held monthly, and are open to all members. New members can join at the meeting. Meetings are an opportunity for issues to be discussed by members as a group, and actions to be agreed on. Meetings also often have a guest speaker.

Day: Last Wednesday of each month. (Usually. Check the dates below for any changes.)

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Location: Tiered theatrette, ground floor, 266 George St (Brisbane Square).
Bike parking is available outside in Reddacliff Place.

Information about upcoming meetings is sent to members and listed on the front page. Comments are invited via email, on our blog, or the discussion group.

If you’d like to raise an issue, add something to the agenda, or suggest a guest speaker, please contact us.

Past meetings

Previous talks have included Main Roads Policy (June 2008), Brisbane Bicycle Squad (June 2008), Queensland Cycling Advocacy Network (November 2008). Minutes and other material from past meetings are available on the Minutes page.

Upcoming meetings


28 January 2015,
25 February 2015,
25 March 2015,
29 April 2015,
27 May 2015,
24 June 2015,
29 July 2015,
26 August 2015,
30 September 2015,
28 October 2015,
25 November 2015, and
23 December 2015.

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