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1 August 2017: Petition for common sense to prevail with Queens Wharf Bikeway
3 January 2017: The solution to Busway Congestion, a Green Victoria Bridge

8 August 2016: CBD bike lane petition gains record online support
26 April 2016: Council Rejects, Edward St bikelanes that retailers support!
10 February 2016: People call for a Grid of Protected Bikelanes in the Brisbane CBD

13 September 2015: Space4cyclingBNE – Campaign Launch
17 June 2015: BCC Budget 2015-16 to create more traffic congestion jams not solve them!

07 November 2014: Northside cyclists slam Council over lack of ‘consultation’
13 October 2014: Cyclists to commemorate Rebekka Meyer’s life with “Ride for Rebekka”
21 September 2014: Brisbane bicycle riders rejoice with replacement Riverwalk opening
12 September 2014: Cyclists, Trucks and Government/Council inaction!
25 August 2014: Cyclist call for protected bike lanes – Sylvan Rd Toowong
15 July 2014: Immediate fixes needed to address dangerous northside cycling route
29 May 2014: Cyclists slam Qld Government response on inquiry report
15 October 2013: A new world city needs a world class CityCycle scheme
11 October 2013: Test out the upgraded Bicentennial Bikeway on National Ride2Work Day, Wednesday 16 October 2013!
15 May 2013: ‘A metre matters’ awareness ride
6 May 2013: ‘One metre rule’ needed after truck driver found not guilty of killing cyclist
26 April 2013: Riverwalk Replacement pedal stroke closer
10 October 2012: Queensland Government Backpedaling on Cycling
5 October 2012: Brisbane’s North Side Launch Cycle Corridor Campaign
15 March 2012: Eastern suburbs desperate for green bridge to the city
14 March 2012: Cyclists call for re-opening of route closed by Qld Govt
13 March 2012: QBUGs: A united voice for Queensland bicycle users
11 March 2012: North Brisbane Cycleway to deliver benefits for Brisbane’s north
11 November 2011: Bike riders welcome replacement Riverwalk announcement
27 October 2011: Double whammy cuts off New Farm from city
3 August 2011: Cyclists welcome release of Riverwalk options
8 June 2011: Cyclists welcome changes to increase CityCycle usage
5 April 2011: Cycling: a simple solution to the rising cost of living
18 March 2011: Green bridges needed to rescue Brisbane’s economy and lifestyle say cyclists
15 March 2011: Cyclists call for Cycling Super Highway on Brisbane’s north side
10 March 2011: Cyclists slam car tunnels as sink holes for taxpayer dollars and community amenity
8 February 2011: Cyclists blast council opposition for politicising bike hire scheme
28 September 2010: Everybody benefitting from Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade
27 September 2010: Excitement mounts as CityCycle ready to roll
10 September 2010: Queensland Government displays callous disregard for cyclist safety
24 June 2010: Cyclists catch up with motorists via Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge bike path
2009 & before
29 September 2009: Brisbane City Council kicks cycling into gear (George St bike lane)
4 June 2009: Scrapping wasteful Queensland Fuel Subsidy Scheme long overdue
2 May 2008: Cyclists protest against bikeway and footpath closures endangering lives
5 October 2008: Reduced Brisbane CBD speed limit long overdue
19 October 2006: Cycling an easy answer to traffic chaos

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