The Brisbane Central Business District Bicycle Users Group (CBD BUG) is an organisation of city cyclists, representing and articulating the interests of the very large number of Brisbane residents who ride bicycles to, from and within the inner Brisbane and surrounding areas.

The group has over 800 members, and potentially advocates on behalf of the several thousand regular cyclists in Brisbane.

CBD BUG was established in early 2005 to:

  • monitor and identify CBD cycling facilities (and deficiencies);
  • act as a resource for CBD commuter cyclists;
  • lobby for improvements; and
  • act as an informal network of cycle commuters and other cycle users in the CBD.

CBD BUG meets monthly, discussing issues and happenings of concern and interest to CBD cyclists, and to date has

  • regularly met with, lobbied and written to a range of State and Brisbane City Council politicians on issues of major concern to commuter cyclists (improved commuter routes, reduced vehicle speeds, improved end of trip facilities, the need for the commercial bicycle centre, improved bicycle provisions in City Plan etc etc);
  • undertaken an extensive survey of city cyclists regarding cycling issues;
  • developed a comprehensive data-base of parking and end of trip facilities in CBD buildings;
  • organised tours of CBD ‘best practice’ facilities;
  • established a ‘bike buddy’ scheme for new/inexperienced cyclists, to encourage higher rates of commuting by bike; and
  • drafted a number of comprehensive submissions, lodged after extensive discussion amongst BUG members, giving cyclists a direct voice in government planning and policy development.

Membership of CBD BUG is free. More information (including how to join) is here.


The CBD BUG constitution was adopted in August, 2007. ( PDF, 37 kB)

Strategic Policies

As of March 2014 the CBD BUG elected to adopt a strategic policies document as a guide for areas of particular focus. It is intended as each key point is improved that the document will be updated and improved upon.
CBD BUG Strategic Policies Document – April 2014


  • Paul French
  • Dr Richard Bean
  • Donald Campbell

Want to contact us? See this page for details.

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