York’s Hollow Bikeway (Bottom of Victoria Park) night time closure

The CBD BUG has been advised by BCC
“A 33KV power cable needs to be placed under and through this area for the Legacy Way project.
All work will be undertaken at night and there will be detours around the works areas. Traffic Controllers will be in place at all times. Paths will be re-opened each morning.
Cyclists are advised to exercise caution around the work areas and detours.
Work will occur between 12 Jan to 02 Feb.”

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2 Responses to York’s Hollow Bikeway (Bottom of Victoria Park) night time closure

  1. Laine says:

    Hello there, I was wondering, this bikeway from College Road all the way to the bottom of the Centenary pool has really bad or no lighting at sunset.
    Do you know of any intent or plans to add additional lights or reflectors and cat’s eyes along here for cyclists and pedestrians? I have run through here at night and it’s especially dark for pedestrians and although most riders know to slow down, not everyone has a bell or a good headlight. Better lighting would be safer for everyone. Apologies, if this has been raised before and is pending action.

    • donald says:

      The BCC has received multiple complaints and keeps saying it is on there priority list! The CBD BUG has also raised the issue. Our best advise is to add your voice to the calls for lighting by calling council on 3403 8888 and putting in a request for lighting.

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