Toowong to Indooroopilly Bikeway Corridor Study

The BCC is currently undertaking a corridor study for bicycle access between Toowong and Indooroopilly and are asking for the public’s feedback. For more information please see link below. Please help BCC get it right

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One Response to Toowong to Indooroopilly Bikeway Corridor Study

  1. Keith McCourt says:

    As a regular (once or twice a week) bike rider between Wooloowin and Graceville, the most dangerous part of the trip by far is the Toowong to Indooroopilly section. In fact the rest of the trip is quite safe thanks to various links the newest near the RBH, Roma St Gardens and Indooroopilly bridge. Riding up Gailey Rd towards the Swann Rd roundabout is horrendous with a narrow road, a steep incline and the complexity of the roundabout. The footpath is very narrow and made worse with the vegetation growing out over it. The worst single spot is the roundabout near the Indooroopilly Golf club where cars and trucks occasionally ignore the presence and rights of a bike rider. Having done the ride regularly for more than 10 years, I am grateful for the improvements that have been made but certainly would appreciate something along Gailey and Indoorpilly roads from Sir Fred Schonell Drive to Lambert Rd.

    Keith McCourt

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