Nominations called to fill CBD BUG Co-convenor casual vacancy

All CBD BUG members are invited to nominate for a CBD BUG Co-convenor casual vacancy.

This vacancy has arisen as Ian Lister, one of the CBD BUG’s Co-convenors, has accepted a new work posting and will be moving to the United States within the next few weeks.

Interested members are asked to forward their nomination to the CBD BUG via email to It is intended this position will be filled from the nominations received, based on the endorsement of the members assembled at the forthcoming General Meeting on 25 July 2012.

Our sincere thanks go to Ian for all his efforts as a CBD BUG Co-convenor. During the last several years he has strongly advocated for improved conditions for Brisbane cyclists, been one of our most active contributors to our letter and submission writing, and worked tirelessly to maintain the CBD BUG’s highly professional digital presence via our website, blog, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We wish him and his betrothed, Lisa, the very best for this next, exciting stage of their lives together.

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