More Legacy Way car parking on Mt Coot-tha

BCC has advised us of its intention to close part of Sir Samuel Griffith Drive on Mount Coot-tha in order to use it for car parking for construction of Legacy Way. The proposed closure will be for around two years.

The section proposed to be closed is on the ‘front’ of the mountain, parallel to Scenic Drive, as shown below. Cyclists that currently use Sir Samuel Griffith Drive (the left fork when descending) would instead need to use Scenic Drive (the right fork) to get back down to Mount Coot-tha Road. Currently, a significant number of cyclists prefer to stay on Sir Samuel Griffith Drive as it is considered significantly safer due to its gentler gradient, better sight lines, and slower traffic at the intersection of Mount Coot-tha Road.

The road closure will make way for an extra 150 car parking spaces for workers on the Legacy Way tunnel project, in addition to the 291 spaces already provided (170 in the newly constructed car park at the top of Scenic Drive, 81 in the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens car park, and 40 in the Toowong Park and Ride car park). BCC estimated last year that the total workforce at the site would not exceed 291 for the life of the project, with the split between day and night shifts meaning that no single shift would have more than 248 workers at peak, or 202 workers if more of the work was done at night.

BCC is seeking public comment until 17 July. If you have an opinion, please let them know via:

The project team is also reachable via phone on 1800 692 333, and additional information is available on the project web site.

Legacy Way Workforce parking proposal — Lower Sir Samuel Griffith Drive (PDF, 2.4 MB)

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