Driveways on Wynnum Rd footpath at Norman Park

Cr Shayne Sutton (Morningside Ward) has written to the CBD BUG requesting a message be passed on from residents of Wynnum Road to cyclists for them to exercise caution when riding on the Wynnum Road path between Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne and the Canning Bridge in Norman Park.

The Queensland Road Rules put the onus firmly on a motorist entering or departing land adjacent to a road or road-related area (e.g. footpath or shared path) to give way to path users. However, in the interest of safety the CBD BUG encourages everybody using this path to exercise good judgement.

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4 Responses to Driveways on Wynnum Rd footpath at Norman Park

  1. Murray says:

    I dare say the vast majority of motorists are actually trying to kill or injure others, but crashes happen.

    In this instance, I wonder whether the road might be better configured to make it safer for people on foot and on bike. Looks tricky though.

    • Paul French says:

      Hi Murry

      In 2008 the then BCC Lord Mayor committed $150M to upgrade Wynnum Road. There was some expectation this would also alleviate the situ for cyclists. However, this project was deferred because of the flood repairs bill and there has been no further word on it.

      Through the 2012-13 BCC budget $250,000 has now been allocated to undertake “investigation and preliminary design” for new cycling infrastructure to link the CBD to Wynnum-Manly. So hopefully this will lead to a solution, or at least an improvement on the current situ.

      My personal view is that the long talked about green bridge between New Farm/Teneriffe and Bulimba/Hawthorne must be built as a priority – to provide a shorter and safer route to the CBD for eastern suburbs cyclists and allow them to bypass this section of Wynnum Road.


  2. Paul says:

    There’s a similar situation at Toowong, along Benson St which always makes me a little nervous. I’m a little skeptical regarding their proposed responses, but I don’t have anything better to suggest.
    Regarding the “two stage traffic assessment” does anyone know the legal status of this manoeuvre? It certainly wouldn’t be legal if it were a road rather than a bike path. Are there rules regarding when a driver can and cannot block a bike path?

  3. Donald Campbell says:

    It should be pointed out much of the problem along here is due to the property owners themselves erecting 1.8m height masonary fences which mean they can’t see as they exit there property. They could always lower there fence or fillit the entry gate so they have a better line of sight!

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