Construction traffic on Mt Coot-tha Road

The Mount Coot-tha Residents’ Group has written to us warning of dangerous turns by Transcity construction shuttle buses across the shared path on Mount Coot-tha Road, at the Legacy Way construction site.

The path is well used by recreational cyclists accessing Mount Coot-tha to train or exercise, as well as by local residents accessing the freeway overpass to reach Toowong, the CBD and other locations. Drivers of the shuttle buses need to give way to (and find a gap in) both oncoming traffic on the road and pedestrians and cyclists on the shared path, and find it difficult to do so. In part this is because they need to check both directions for path users, and in part because of poor visibility onto the path from the road (particularly for southbound path users). This has resulted in at least one ‘near hit’ so far, and we are keen to avoid more.

This issue is likely to become significantly more severe with Transcity’s proposed large increase to its workforce and to the quantity of parking on Mount Coot-tha.

The road safety audit commissioned by Transcity proposes requiring cyclists and pedestrians to give way to buses using the driveway (contrary to sections 74(1)(c) and 75(1)(b) of the road rules), and physical barriers to prevent cyclists from crossing the driveway without slowing for the buses. Needless to say, this would be a totally inappropriate response to the risk, and to Transcity’s credit they have not implemented it.

Please be alert for shuttle buses or other construction traffic crossing the path to enter or leave the site. If you observe any unsafe driving (including failing to give way to pedestrians or cyclists on the path) please report it to us at and to Transcity on 1800 778 772 or

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