Downfall Creek bikeway re-alignment, Deagon

BCC advises that construction has started to undertake an upgrade of the existing Gateway Motorway between Sandgate Road and Deagon. A new bridge and retaining walls will be constructed adjacent to the western side of the Gateway Motorway to cross Depot Road at Deagon. The work will involve re-aligning the shared pathway in this location.

A 3 metre, temporary path will be constructed adjacent to the Energex Sub-Station, through the former service station and come out at the lights at Depot Road. It will be protected by fencing.

The work is expected to take 4-6 months.

For further information, please call Seymour Whyte Constructions on 3340 4800.

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One Response to Downfall Creek bikeway re-alignment, Deagon

  1. aaron ball says:

    I don’t think this involves Downfall Creek. Perhaps Cabbage Tree Creek?

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