Brisbane City Council budget summary

Brisbane City Council’s 2012-13 budget was released Wednesday morning. It includes forecast revenue of $1.996 billion, and total expenditure of $3.110 billion (a deficit of $1.114 billion). Of that, $1.299 billion is capital expenditure, leaving an operating surplus of $185.5 million.

BCC’s expenditure on transport is via its Moving Brisbane’ (PDF, 138 kB) program, projected to be $1.436 billion in 2012-13 (46.2% of all 2012-13 BCC expenditure). Of that, $1.199 billion (83.5%) will be spent on roads, tunnels, etc for cars, although some of this may include new, improved or replaced on-road cycling infrastructure. $194.1 million (13.5%) will be spent on public transport, and only $42.2 million (2.9%) has been dedicated to the active transport modes of walking and cycling.

The following table summarises this program’s projected 2012-13 expenditure:

Moving Brisbane Sub-programs Expense ($M) Capital ($M) Total ($M) Total (%)
3.1 Promoting Active Transport 6.3 35.9 42.2 2.9%
3.2 Public Transport 120.1 74.0 194.1 13.5%
3.3 Transport Network 407.5 791.8 1,199.3 83.5%
Total 533.9 901.7 1,435.6 100.0%

Of the $42.2 million allocated for the ‘Promoting Active Transport’ sub-program, a total of $26.6 million is identified as specific funding for cycling initiatives. This means BCC total cycling-specific expenditure during the forthcoming year will only be 1.85% of the BBC total transport budget. This pales in comparison to Council’s multi-million dollar expenditure on new and improved infrastructure for motorists.

Within this cycling-specific budget, $25.1 million will be on capital expenditure. In terms of their budgets, some of the larger cycling infrastructure projects include:

  • Bicentennial Bikeway – Stage 3 at Milton ($6.7 million)
  • Cabbage Tree Creek Bikeway – Stage 3 at Aspley ($1.8 million)
  • Gateway North Bikeway – Schulz Canal Crossing at Nundah, Hendra, Eagle Farm ($3.6 million)
  • Nicholson Street Bikeway at Greenslopes ($1.6 million), and
  • Cubberla Creek Bikeway at Chapel Hill ($0.95 million).

The CBD BUG is pleased to note the following amounts will be spent on “Investigations and Preliminary Designs”, which is the start of a process for delivering new cycling infrastructure for some of Brisbane’s regions where cycling levels have been stagnating.

  • CBD to Carindale ($100,000)
  • CBD to Chermside ($250,000), and
  • CBD to Wynnum-Manly ($250,000)

The complete list of BCC cycling projects can be seen in the budget’s Appendix of Schedules (PDF, 286 kB).

More analysis over the budget is available in the Courier Mail and Brisbane Times.

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