UR{BNE} Festival

This month is the UR{BNE} Festival, celebrating and attracting public interest to Brisbane’s public spaces.

The local festival is all about dreaming ideas for a better Brisbane, creating greater public involvement and understanding of how urban places are designed, building pride and interest in Brisbane’s places and generally livening up our city.

Bikes have a big role to play in making cities’ public spaces more attractive and functional, by helping protect them from being completely overwhelmed by ever-expanding roads and numbers of motor vehicles, and by helping people move between and within public spaces (while still allowing them to interact with them and with each other).

The festival includes several free events based around bikes. It incorporated this month’s Lazy Sunday Cycle last weekend, and tomorrow includes We Like Bikes, “an afternoon
of live entertainment, workshops and competitions” at the Teneriffe bikeway, organised by Brisbane City Council. The event starts at noon and runs all afternoon. More details are available on Faster Louder, Concrete Playground and Facebook.

This Friday, 25 May is the Style Over Speed bike ride, a casual ride around town in stylish clothes. Meet at 5 pm in King George Square and join the group to ride over to West End before heading back to Brew Cafe and Wine Bar in Burnett Lane. More details are available on Facebook.

Update: the festival and its events have been getting some good local media coverage in the last week or so. Check out the coverage on ABC’s Drive and
The Sunday Spin radio programs.

Update #2: the Style Over Speed ride will still go ahead even if the weather stays ‘European’ — just bring your umbrella. There will be all sorts of nifty and stylish prizes to be won, too.

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One Response to UR{BNE} Festival

  1. Jon Giles says:

    The Brisbane Style Over Speed ride is coming up next week on Friday the 15th starting at 5:30pm. Meet us at King George Square from 5. There will be some great random prizes given out on the ride such as reflective gear, shoulder bags, panniers and wicker baskets!
    Check out the Brisbane Style Over Speed facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/BrisbaneStyleOverSpeed
    See you there!

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