New CBD BUG jerseys available to order

The long-awaited CBD BUG jersey design is now complete, and we are taking orders from members. There’s only just over one week to get your order in (for the first batch, anyway), so be quick if you want to be seen in this stylish new design.

The jerseys are available in a variety of sizes in both men’s and women’s versions. They cost $100, and come in a choice of two colours: orange or blue.

The two colours: blue and orange. (Click for full resolution PDFs)

The jerseys are Body Torque‘s BT644SS (men’s) and BT634SS (women’s), and feature reflective piping and a full zip on the middle pocket. These two “bonus” features will provide additional safety and convenience for riders as they are out and about riding around town.

If you would like a jersey please email your order (including gender, size and colour) to John Lister at by Sunday, 13 May. The jerseys will take 4 – 6 weeks to be made.

John has a full range of sample sizes ‘in stock’ so contact him if you would like to try one on, or to check out the technical aspects of the jerseys.

Thanks to John for picking this up off the backburner.

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4 Responses to New CBD BUG jerseys available to order

  1. Andrew Cameron says:

    I would like to place a order for 2 x XL Jerseys one in orange and one in blue. Thankyou

  2. Ian says:

    The logo would be great on a Polo, as I ride a commuter bike I don’t need the lycra and a polo would certainly help get the message out there!

  3. John Nightingale says:

    Great work getting this back off the backburner where I left it well over a year ago! What seemed to be lack of interest then must have been simply my interpreting lack of response to emails!

    The design, from David Hannah, using his great logo, is one of the best, and it isn’t defaced by lots of ‘sponsors’.

    Great to see this, and most important, keeping the CBDBUG independent of any corporate or government bodies!

  4. Andrew says:

    I picked up one of these last time, and I’m really happy with it, but it would be nice to get a polo or t-shirt this time. (my preference is for a t-shirt)

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