Western Freeway bikeway full closure

Transcity advises there will be work undertaken on the Western Freeway bikeway at Toowong for the next two weekends, from around 9 pm Friday to around 4 am Monday. The work will be occurring in the section between Anzac Park, Toowong, and Equinox Street, Taringa.

Map of the closure and alternate route.
(Click for the full version on Transcity's web site)

From late Friday, 13 April to early Monday, 16 April the bikeway will be open but there will be traffic control in place and possible minor delays.

From late Friday, 20 April to early Monday, 23 April the bikeway will be fully closed.

An alternate route through the back streets of Toowong (see map to right) will be signed with maps and directional signage.

The Western Freeway pedestrian/cyclist overpass will not be affected by these works. It will still be possible to access the bridge from the Anzac Park side of the closure.

The closures are as part of work to relocate a water main located under the Western Freeway at Toowong. The water main relocation is required to enable the excavation of Legacy Way’s entrance and exit lanes. The next stage of work involves installing the new pipe underneath the Western Freeway and bike path.

For more information see Transcity’s web page, or call its community relations team on 1800 778 772.

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