April General Meeting — Wednesday, 18 April

The April general meeting will be held at 12.30pm this Wednesday, 18 April in the usual tiered theatrette in the BCC library on the ground floor of Brisbane Square, 266 George Street. All members are welcome, and new members can join at the meeting. This is one week earlier than usual because the last Wednesday of April 2012 is Anzac Day.

Draft Agenda

12.30 pm – Wednesday 18 April 2012
Tiered Theatrette
Ground Floor, Brisbane Square Library

  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance/apologies
  3. Minutes of previous General Meeting
  4. Guest Speaker: Joshua Forrest – Honours thesis student
    Using Brisbane CityCycle and Melbourne Bike share as the core case studies Joshua is looking at the relationship between what people think of public hire programs, how this relates to their use (or lack of use of the programs) and how attitudes can be changed (e.g. people think it is too complicated, inflexible, costs too much, bikes are ugly and don’t want to be stared at and therefore don’t bother or rarely get involved).
    During this session Joshua would like to gain insight into Brisbane cycling from highly experienced cyclists, and advice as to the issues that could be emphasised in his thesis.
  5. Reports
  6. Other business
    • Proposal for CBD BUG to register for “group” membership of PedBikeTrans
  7. Next meeting
    General Meeting – Wednesday 30 May 2012

If you have any other matters to discuss, let us know.

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