Works in George Street bike lane

BCC advises that there will be some closures of the separated bike lane on George Street this month, to allow construction of footpaths around the new Supreme Court building.

Work will be done in stages to miniminse disruption to pedestrians and cyclists. Signage will be erected around all the sections to direct pedestrians and cyclists and traffic controllers will be on site to assist and direct people around or through the site.

The bike lanes on George Street may be temporarily closed in non-peak hours (9am to 3pm) to allow trucks and equipment to remove and replace the kerb. Cyclists and pedestrians will be diverted through the new footpath inside the building area or they can cross at the Herschel Street signals. It may be possible to open part of the bike lane at times, but it depends on truck and equipment movement.

In peak hours (5am to 9am and 3pm to 7pm), the bike lane will be open, but cyclists should exercise caution. Night and weekend work and closure of the bike lanes will be subject to usual noise restrictions, but will significantly reduce the time that they need to occupy the bike lane during the day.

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