QBUGs: An alliance of Queensland BUGs

As discussed at the last meeting, representatives of BUGs from around Queensland met this Sunday discuss opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between the BUGs. The key outcome of the meeting was the agreement to form an alliance named QBUGs.

QBUGs: A united voice for Queensland bicycle users

As Queensland’s Bike Week kicks off, a meeting of Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) has announced the formation of an umbrella organisation to co-ordinate and represent their interests at the state level.

Over twenty representatives from ten major BUGs from Townsville to Toowoomba and the Gold Coast met this week in Brisbane to agree on a structure and charter for the new coalition, to be named QBUGs — Queensland Bicycle User Groups. Several other BUGs have expressed support for the new group, which will be open to all Queensland regional, workplace and other BUGs, and operate in a cooperative and transparent manner.

Bicycle User Groups vary greatly in their size and focus, but they all consist of groups of local people interested in participating in and promoting cycling as a healthy, safe, cheap, reliable, convenient and sustainable form of transport and/or recreation.

Toowoomba BUG coordinator David Allworth, who was involved in setting up the new alliance, says “Around the state BUG groups are at the coal face of interacting with local councils, and other local agencies that design and build the roads we ride on. “We have now formed a structure for groups to get their common messages and concerns borne out of local experience to state and national government and non-government organisations.”

Brisbane CBD BUG co-convenor Paul French said the alliance would help provide support for smaller and developing BUGs, as well as helping the more established BUGs coordinate their efforts with state-level agencies. “Although the CBD BUG has a geographical focus on cycling to and from the Brisbane CBD, we often find ourselves dealing with statewide issues such as road rules and state government funding. The new structure will help ensure the state government has a clear and consistent message from all the BUGs across the state.”

With Bike Week this week, a state election campaign in full swing, and local elections to follow soon after, the new group has plenty to start working on.

Contact: Hugh Wilson toowoombabug@gmail.com 0420 676 578

QBUGs: A united voice for Queensland bicycle users (PDF, 57 kB)

Representatives of other BUGs interested in joining (including workplace and other BUGs) should contact Toowoomba BUG or CBD BUG.

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