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First of all, welcome to the 50+ new members who signed up at the recent Ride to Work Day! We now have about 700 members, which makes for a healthy continued growth rate.

If you’re reading this and you’re not already a member, please consider joining. And if you know somebody else who might be interested, please send them our way too. The more members we have, the louder our voice and the more success we have in getting better conditions for cycling in Brisbane.

As (we hope) everybody already knows, our primary means of communicating information to members is email. We know most people don’t want to be bombarded with email, so we try to avoid sending more than one per month (usually a few days prior to that month’s meeting).

If you’d like to keep more up to date with what’s going on in between email updates (including more timely information on the many closures and detours that occur at short notice on Brisbane’s bikeway network), be sure to read the News section of our web site (as you’re doing now), or keep track of what’s going on through any of the following services:

We try to tailor the information published via each service to match what people expect there, but we’re always keen for feedback on what you’d like to see more or less of, or better ways to communicate with the membership.

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