Media release: Eastern suburbs desperate for green bridge to the city

For some years CBD BUG has been pushing for construction of a series of new pedestrian/cycle bridges to be built to form a safe and direct cycle route east to the city from the inner eastern suburbs.

These bridges have been on the cards for quite a while, but stalled when the state government tightened its belt as a result of the global financial crisis, and have been lost in a planning limbo for the last few years.

Below is our latest media release calling for the proposed bridges to be built.

Eastern suburbs desperate for green bridge to the city (PDF, 57 kB)

15 March 2012

Eastern suburbs desperate for green bridge to the city

The Queensland Government needs to immediately commence building a green bridge between Bulimba and Teneriffe so eastern suburbs residents can walk and cycle to the city. The call for another green bridge comes on the back of Brisbane’s worsening traffic situation, unreliable public transport services, stagnating cycling levels in the region, rapidly rising living costs and the community’s burgeoning waist lines.

Despite a government appointed expert panel recommending in 2007 that a bridge be built across the river at this point, according to the Brisbane Central Business District Bicycle User Group (CBD BUG) there has since been no action. At the time a recommendation was for three cyclist and pedestrian bridges be built, with one between Teneriffe and Bulimba/Hawthorne, another between Edward Street and Kangaroo Point and the third between Kangaroo Point and New Farm. A new Toowong to West End green bridge has also been foreshadowed in the Queensland Government’s draft long term transport plan – Connecting SEQ 2031.

CBD BUG spokesman Paul French said “the Brisbane River is a major barrier to people needing to get about. From an economic perspective to unclog the roads one of the best approaches would be by building more green bridges. These can have benefit cost ratios more than four times those of infrastructure for cars, which over the longer term will be lucky to achieve break even. It’s way past time the government moved from talking to delivering.”

“For the economic benefits of additional green bridges you need look no further than the huge success of the $33 million Goodwill Bridge. With 10,000 cyclists and pedestrians using it every day the investments in such structures easily pay for themselves in just a few years” commented Mr French. “By comparison, building more tunnels for motorists is an exercise in futility as all it achieves is moving the traffic congestion a short distance along the road to the next bottleneck”.

He went on to say that “the Queensland Government needs to get on with getting Brisbane moving again. It may be suggested another bridge can’t be afforded at this time. But with the Federal Government estimating traffic congestion will cost Brisbane residents and businesses $1.9 billion during the 2011-12 financial year, this city can’t afford the even greater cost of further feet dragging. Building another green bridge will create hundreds of new jobs, relieve pressure on this city’s over-stretched road and public transport systems and generate economic, social and health benefits for decades”.


Media contact: Paul French
0423 974 825

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One Response to Media release: Eastern suburbs desperate for green bridge to the city

  1. Dr Paul Michael Martin says:

    As long as there is NO chance that cars or buses could ever use it in the future then I’d support it – that would also make it cheaper to build I would think.

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