Call to action: upcoming elections

Local government elections will be held in Queensland on 31 March 2012 while the last possible date for the next Queensland State Election is 16 June 2012.

Election campaigns are the prime opportunity for cyclists to obtain some policy announcements from political aspirants regarding improving cyclist safety.

Accordingly, all cyclists are urged to contact their local candidates and the respective party leaders and express their views on what is required to make cycling safer and thereby increase the number of people who leave their cars at home and cycle instead.

Some suggested commitments to ask for include:

  • Strengthening drivers licensing testing process
  • Reducing the urban speed limit
  • Ongoing motorist education regarding sharing the road safely with cyclists
  • Overhaul Queensland Road Rules to remove the numerous bike rider hostile provisions e.g. dismounting to use ped crossing and dangerous rights of way on multi-lane roundabouts
  • Addressing major cyclist infrastructure needs e.g.
  • Comprehensive network of bike lanes
  • Direct link between Gateway Bridge and Redcliffe
  • Connect Brisbane Airport to the CBD
  • Link Mansfield to the South East Bikeway
  • Create safe cyclist space along Fairfield Rd
    • Build green bridge between Bulimba and Teneriffe
    • Link between Carindale Shopping Centre to the CBD
    • Cyclist off-road bypass of Moggill Rd
    • Centenary Motorway flyover for cyclists at Moggill Rd

    Update (19 Feb): We’ve now posted some example letters, to give you some more ideas.

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    2 Responses to Call to action: upcoming elections

    1. Shaun Moran says:

      Would it be possible for CBDBUG to produce a form letter with sample words / text that we could customise / address to send to our local members. That why it makes it easier for lots of people to send letters.


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