Right to Information hardship status renewed

The CBD BUG has been advised by Queensland’s Office of the Information Commissioner that its financial hardship status has been renewed for another 12 months from 13 December 2011.

This decision means the CBD BUG does not have to pay the potentially expensive processing fees charged for Right to Information applications, which are commonly a major barrier to individuals and groups looking to access government information. CBD BUG does still have to pay the fixed application fee (currently $39).

Importantly, this decision is based on the CBD BUG meeting a range of criteria — including recognition of the CBD BUG’s role as a non-profit organisation and the community benefits derived from its activities as a cyclist advocacy organisation. When the BUG was first granted this status it was only the second organisation in Queensland to do so, and since then only one other organisation has been granted it. This status has allowed us to affordably pursue and obtain unpublished government information on significant issues affecting cyclists such as the footpath closure for the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Queensland’s mandatory helmet laws, and the long-overdue Northern Veloway.

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