Hale Street East set to reopen

Work on the “Hale Street East” section of the Bicentennial Bikeway (east of the Go Between Bridge) is now complete, and the bikeway is expected to reopen later this morning, a little ahead of schedule.

Since work started in June, people travelling to the city from the western suburbs by bicycle or foot have had to detour across the Go Between Bridge to South Brisbane and then back again on one of the other bridges. Some have reported developing a certain fondness for the alternate route, but most path users will find the reopening of the simple, flat, and now freshly upgraded and separated route straight into the city a very welcome early Christmas present.

Next on the Bicentennial upgrade list is the section between Lang Parade and Park Road, Milton, which will connect the first two sections and provide a continuous separated bikeway from Land Street, Toowong all the way into Ann Street in the CBD. This should not require a complete closure of the path, but is likely to involve traffic controllers and nighttime closures similar to the earlier sections.

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2 Responses to Hale Street East set to reopen

  1. Peter says:

    I love this website. Much more informative (and much more current) than the Bris City Council’s bikepath info site.

    I commute between New Farm and UQ St Lucia. For the last six months or more, I’ve had to put up with the detours created by the ‘Hale St East’ upgrade. I know it’s part of a larger project but it was a section of the bikepath that I never found to be particularly congested. I think the worst bit (by far) in the CBD is the section between Riverside and the Botanic Gardens. This stretch is ALWAYS a problem for both pedestrians and cyclists.

    Does anyone know if there are any plans to address this?

    Thanks again for a very useful website!

  2. Murray says:


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