Ivory Lane/Story Bridge path reopened

The closed section of path

BCC has advised us that path from under the Story Bridge to Ivory Lane has now been reopened, after a landslip last month led to its closure.

However, the repair work is only temporary, and more foundation work will need to be done at some point. This is expected to cause another closure of up to several months, but it will be several months until details are known, and longer before any such work starts. Council is not yet sure whether it will be possible to delay the work until after Riverwalk reconstruction is complete, but is aware that this would be highly desirable, and says it will try to ensure the work is timed so as to minimise its impact. CBD BUG is continuing to push to bring Riverwalk reconstruction forward, and will push to delay the future Ivory Lane path work until Riverwalk is open again.

Stairs on the detour

A complicating factor in the work to date was control of and responsibility for the path, which was constructed on the edge of private land as a condition of development some years ago. Although similar in some ways to the long-running issue a few years ago between private landholders and the Port of Brisbane over responsibility for the City Reach Boardwalk, Council advises this was an oversight (rather than a systemic problem) during the original development process and, while other similar cases might still exist, they are not expected to be common.

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  1. David says:

    Good news for New Farm residents!

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