Catalina boardwalk closure, New Farm

Map of closure and detour.
(Click for a larger version)

BCC advises that maintenance works are required at Catalina Boardwalk (between Riverview Court/Merthyr Road, and Hastings Street, New Farm) including the replacement of old decking and repairs underneath the boardwalk.

A full closure of boardwalk will be in place from Tuesday, 15 November to Thursday, 1 December. The boardwalk has stairs next to it for people to access the bikeway around the section. Detour is via Macquarie Street.

For further information, please phone Imran Qaiser on 3403 8888.

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2 Responses to Catalina boardwalk closure, New Farm

  1. Neeta Patel says:

    When will the New farm Boardwalk re-open?

  2. Donald Campbell says:

    The boardwalk opened back in December as listed, Map shown was incorrect it was the ramp down to the path that was closed not the path itself.

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