Two Wheels to Work

Hot on the heels of National Ride to Work Day is a new ride-to-work event called Two Wheels to Work, ‘to promote commuting by bicycle in Brisbane, linking existing bike commuters with non-commuters to help overcome the barriers to getting pedalling, and to making it an ongoing habit’.

Two Wheels to Work flyer.
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Unlike National Ride to Work Day (and its sibling in Bike Week), Two Wheels to Work is intended to be more of a grass roots community event. It’s being organised by an individual rather than an a large organisation, but there’s still planned to be a free breakfast, bike mechanics and demonstrations, and many of the other things we also see at the larger events.

Another significant difference with Two Wheels to Work is that it’s on a Saturday. Even though most of us don’t normally ride to work on a Saturday, it’s a good way to show new cyclists how to get to work without the pressures of normal rush hour traffic, needing to be at work on time, etc. The idea is that new cyclists will be paired up with existing cyclists, who will ride the route all the way to work together on the morning of Saturday, 5 November, then head to join in the breakfast underneath the southern end of the Kurilpa Bridge any time between 8 am and 12 noon.

So, if you’re an established cyclist and willing to help somebody find their way, or know somebody interested in starting to cycle to work, or just want to come along to join in the event and meet other people, check out the information below for how to register and be involved.

What is Two Wheels to Work?

Two Wheels to Work is a peer-to-peer, community led project connecting cyclists with non-cyclists to encourage bike commuting.

It will address many of the barriers to starting bike commuting, and will involve existing bicycle commuters loaning a budding cyclist a bike, providing information on the benefits of bicycle commuting and some initial information around commuting logistics. Existing bike commuters and budding bike commuters will be paired up, and will together ‘ride the route’ to work on the event day, Saturday 6th of November, followed by a big breakfast at Southbank to celebrate!

What will happen on 5th November?

On the morning of Saturday 5th November 2011 existing cyclists and their buddies will ride the route from the buddy’s home to their workplace.

The morning will continue with a celebratory breakfast underneath the Kurilpa Bridge at South Bank for all participants, with opportunities to hear about cycling events and promotions, share tips and ideas, and provide feedback to Council and other stakeholders in cycling infrastructure development and maintenance. It is hoped that the breakfast will also include demonstrations of simple bicycle maintenance, such as how to change a tube or clean the chain.

Why is this project valuable?

Informal research shows that there are a number of key, consistent barriers to bike commuting, including:

  • Not owning a bike, and not wanting to invest in a bike (and accessories) until being sure of the most appropriate type and whether it will be used
  • Not knowing the route to ride
  • Not knowing how long it will take
  • Unsure of end-of-trip facilities and processes
  • Perceived lack of safety
  • Perceived lack of time
  • Lack of fitness
  • Lack of motivation

Two Wheels to Work will address these barriers, and make the many benefits of bike commuting more visible, in order to actively empower, encourage and enable Brisbane residents to start cycling to work.

How can you get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved in Two Wheels to Work!

As an existing cyclist, you can register your interest and you’ll be paired up (or you can ride with a group!) with a new cyclist in your area. You’ll be provided with information on the benefits of bike riding, bike commuting logistics and other resources to assist your buddy in getting started. If you have a spare bike, you may wish to loan this to your buddy for the event if they don’t already have one. On the event day, you’ll meet your buddy and ‘ride the route’ to their work with them.

As a new cyclist, register your interest and we’ll pair you up with an existing cyclist who can help you get started by sharing with you some of benefits of bike riding, giving you hints with some of the things you may need to think about in order to get started with bike commuting, and on the event day riding your route to work with you so that you know how to get there, how long it takes, and how good it can feel!

If you’re keen to offer logistical support: Any help would be greatly appreciated on Saturday 5th of November with bicycle demonstrations, serving breakfast and assisting cyclists as they arrive at Kurilpa bridge. Help would also be welcome in preparing for the event, pairing up existing and new cyclists and promoting the event!

To register for the event, or for more information please email or phone:

P: 0415 175 930

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2 Responses to Two Wheels to Work

  1. Dr Paul Michael Martin says:

    Great idea! Count me in.

  2. Diane Cousineau says:

    This is a *fantastic* idea! I would have loved to have shown a new cyclist a way from my ‘hood into the CBD, but I’m overseas right now. Please make this a repeat event, it’s such a great intiative!

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