CBD BUG passes 600 members milestone

A recent surge in requests to join the CBD BUG has seen our organisation pass the milestone of 600 members. The importance of our membership growth cannot be overstated, as our increasing numbers give the CBD BUG additional voice with the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council in pursuing the many, much needed improvements to get more people cycling.

Since being formed in September 2005 by a small number of Brisbane cyclists who saw a need for more local advocacy, the CBD BUG’s rapid growth is reflective of the increasing popularity of cycling. We also believe it reflects the CBD BUG’s activities being valued by the cycling community.

It is noticeable that a very small percentage of our members are females, reflecting the fact that the latest data indicates only 19% of cycling journeys to work in Queensland were made by females (Source: Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011–2021). This much lower level of cycling by women in comparison to males is attributed to the fact that women are deterred from cycling by Queensland’s cyclist-hostile road conditions.

There is also a concentration of CBD BUG members from Brisbane’s western and southern suburbs. This reflects the relatively higher levels of cycling in these regions in comparison to the northern and eastern suburbs, as revealed by Australian Bureau of Statistics census data. The higher cycling levels in Brisbane’s western and southern suburbs are attributable to the better cycling infrastructure connecting these suburbs to the CBD, such as the Bicentennial Bikeway and the South East Bikeway.

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