Tennyson Riverside Park proposal

Brisbane City Council has put out an initial concept plan for its Tennyson Riverside Park project on King Arthur Terrace, part of the popular river ride.

Part of the proposed park, including the car park.
Click for a larger version.

Some concerns have been raised about the carpark and the impact of increased motor traffic on cyclists on King Arthur Terrace. Despite already having considerable traffic calming measures (and offering motorists little in the way of time savings), the section of King Arthur Terrace between Softstone Street and Fairfield Road suffers significantly from rat-running. The new park is likely to mean increased motor traffic, which means decreased safety for the many cyclists that regularly use this section of road. Possible ways to address this could be to block King Arthur Terrace to motor vehicles at the tennis centre (preventing through motor traffic), or provide a high quality, off road bike path as an alternative to the road.

Council is holding a series of information sessions during September, and seeking feedback on the proposal. The best way to provide feedback is via the online survey. Cyclists are encouraged to make sure their voices and concerns are heard, to ensure the best and safest outcome.

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2 Responses to Tennyson Riverside Park proposal

  1. peter whittle says:

    Thanks for posting this. The current level of traffic problem in the Tennyson development needs to be given serious attention, before someone is hurt due to mentally lazy motorists who don’t seem to think about the impact of their behaviour. The design of the traffic calming is so poor that it puts cyclists out in the traffic stream, and leads drivers to go faster in order to avoid it, not to mention the occasional fool taking the wrong side of the road to straighten their line. It would cost them nothing to stay out on Softstone St and Fairfield Road, and often would be faster.

    This request for feedback provides an opportunity to put it on the table. As many people as possible should use the survey link to lodge their comments.

  2. Murray says:

    One thing worth noting is that the part of King Arthur Terrace close to Fairfield Road is going to be realigned with the construction of the Yeerongpilly TOD.

    I think asking for it to be closed to traffic is unrealistic and makes cyclists sound selfish. As a regular rider along this road I find the traffic is normally moving quite slowly, and while they might get stuck behind pelotons occasionally, it’s not a major issue. Ensuring that traffic calming measures are retained, reinstated and/or expanded is useful.

    The Softstone Street does require rectifying though. I can’t find a map of the TOD realignment, so can’t comment on whether that’s likely to happen.

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