Sylvan Road upgrade

Brisbane City Council is about to start an upgrade of the important Sylvan Road cycle corridor connecting the Western Freeway bikeway to the Bicentennial Bikeway at Toowong. The project will not substantially change the corridor, but consists of a series of minor improvements including:

  • new and changed road crossings,
  • resurfacing and remarking a section of the road, and
  • adjusting traffic islands at intersections.

The section of road being resurfaced is between the railway bridge and Croydon Street, and will include removal of the concrete spoon drain opposite Bennett Street. The bike lane will still deviate left as it currently does (to allow space for cars to queue to turn right into Bennett Street), but the road surface will be smooth bitumen.

Crossing of Miskin Street

The crossing of Miskin Street is currently particularly dangerous and will be tweaked a little with some improvements on the eastern side of the road: the ramp will be adjusted and be protected by a kerb build-out to allow cyclists more space to manoeuvre and wait to cross the road, and the power pole immediately adjacent to the crossing will be moved to give better visibility. CBD BUG urged BCC to make more significant changes to this crossing (such as moving it further up, directly opposite the road alongside the bus depot), but BCC has decided not to make any changes to the design originally shown to us.

Existing ramps and crossing at Milton Road end of Sylvan Road

New design for Milton Road intersection

The nearby connection between the bike lanes on Sylvan Road and the bike path next to Milton Road will receive a slightly more significant overhaul, with a new exit ramp for westbound bikes on Sylvan Road closer to Norwood Street than the existing ramp, and a new entrance ramp for eastbound bikes near where the existing exit ramp is. The traffic island at the end of the road will be extended to provide a refuge for eastbound cyclists as they cross the road, but also attempts to enforce a perpendicular crossing that more confident cyclists are likely to find awkward.

New design for crossing of Land Street

There will be similar changes on Land Street near the Coronation Drive underpass and Wesley Hospital, with the exit ramp for eastbound cyclists moving back towards Sylvan Road, and a new ramp for westbound cyclists to cross Land Street immediately after exiting the underpass. The existing traffic island will be extended to prevent cyclists from crossing the road anywhere other than at the provided refuge (or continuing down to the traffic lights at Patrick Lane).

Other changes include adjusting the traffic islands at the intersection of Croydon Street to avoid squeezing the bike lane, building out the kerb on Bennett Street to reduce its width at the intersection of Sylvan Road, and moving car parking spaces at various places to accommodate the changes to the road layout.

Works are expected to start on 12 September, and are scheduled to be finished in November. During resurfacing the road is expected to be without a surface for about a week. Other parts of the works may require cyclists to use the general traffic lanes. Where this is necessary BCC advises there will be a 40 km/hr speed limit in effect, and traffic controllers will be present.

For more information call the project team on 1800 727 923 or email them at, or call Council on 3403 8888.

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3 Responses to Sylvan Road upgrade

  1. Chris Cox says:

    Can’t judge the final product yet, but so far the construction process has resulted in more than a little inconvenience as a cyclist!
    1. Early stage where they had the red bunting protecting the corner of Milton Rd/Sylvan Road managed to “catch” my handlebar causing me to fall
    2. Last week the pedestrian path was either obstructed or unclear, resulting in a runner using the bike lane, nearly causing an accident as a group of cyclists came past.
    3. Currently the “lego block” protection where they’re digging up the bike lane opposite Bennett St is meaning there is NO bike lane at all and so competing with the traffic going down Sylvan Road as well as those turning right into Bennett St.

    I realise during construction projects you have some inconvenience, but I think cyclist safety has been poorly handled in this particular project to date.

  2. Andrea says:

    Resurfacing on road is extremely dangerous, particularly for cyclists on road bikes. It was pretty bad today. Stones and very rough surface without any other alternative, i.e. pathway. I hope this only takes a week…and no casualties!

  3. mikeD says:

    It’s the 5th December and the surface is still dangerous, I suffered a puncture on my road bike this morning going over all the rough stones.

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