New Queensland Cycle Strategy released

One of the most significant things to come out of the Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress last week was Minister for Transport Annastacia Palaszczuk’s launch of the new Queensland Cycle Strategy 2011-2021, replacing the previous version from 2003.

The strategy is based around four priority areas:

  1. building safe, directed and connected cycle networks
  2. growing a cycling culture
  3. creating cycle-friendly communities, and
  4. developing a cycling economy.

Each of the priority areas has a list of actions, and a ‘signature project’, which are, respectively:

  1. Development and implementation of Principal Cycle Network Plans across Queensland, focussed on building connected networks around places of education, public transport, and general activity centres,
  2. Establishing a bicycle education program suitable for children and adults,
  3. A new ‘active towns’ program, with some similarity to the Cycling Demonstration Towns program in England, and
  4. Development of recreational trails and coastal pathways.

Another noteworthy element of the strategy for Brisbane cyclists is the mention of the existence of an investigation into a ‘northern cycleway’ for Brisbane, along the lines of the northern veloway that CBD BUG has been campaigning for for some time. Unfortunately, although immediately adjacent to a description of veloways, the term ‘veloway’ is conspicuously absent in the description of the northern cycleway.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the strategy, come along to the next CBD BUG meeting at 12:30 pm on Tuesday, 27 September. The Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Director of Cycling, Matt Johnson, will be the guest speaker, discussing the new Queensland Cycle Strategy as well as the latest data and evidence driving the Queensland Government’s cycling investment program.

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