Riverwalk design options released

Fresh on the back of yesterday’s release of the state government’s interim flood report, Brisbane City Council has released five design options (PDF, 3.2 MB) for a replacement of the floating section of Riverwalk that connected New Farm to the CBD, prior to being washed away in January’s floods.

Several of the options (such as rebuilding the original walk) appear to exist only for the sake of completeness, as Council seems fairly keen on opting for one of the cheaper options. However Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has re-committed that the Riverwalk will definitely be rebuilt, which is good to have confirmed again after a series of reversals by the previous Lord Mayor. He has also said it will probably not be reopened until mid 2014, following Council’s deferral of the project by two years.

This could also be part of an attempt by the Council to put pressure on the state and federal governments, as the Courier Mail is reporting that the state and federal governments will pay $75m of the capital cost (consistent with reports from earlier in the year), but the Brisbane Times is reporting this would apply only to rebuilding the pre-existing walkway, not to a different design.

There are online polls on whether the Riverwalk should be rebuilt at all and which option you prefer, run by Courier Mail and Brisbane Times respectively. Be sure to let them know what you think, and let us know too via email or in the comments below.

Update (3 August): the options and information on providing feedback are now on the Council web page.

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One Response to Riverwalk design options released

  1. Andrew Rasmussen says:

    I’d tend to go for A or C for the straighter route leading to reduced conflict between pedestrians and cyclists. D does have the advantage of being much safer in a flood and perhaps the opportunity for increased shade from trees – if D is chosen, it should be a little wider because of all the curves, and have a viewing platform or two similar to those near the Kangaroo Point cliffs. I loved the fact that the Riverwalk floated – did anyone else “surf” on the wave created by the CityCats?

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