End in sight for Hale Street West works

One more stage of the Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade is nearing completion, with the detour on the Hale Street West section (between the Go Between Bridge and Cribb Street) about to be removed, and cyclists to be moved back onto the main path from tomorrow. (BCC are hoping to have the change in place by the time the path opens at 5am, but it might not happen until later in the day.)

Only a 3 metre wide section of path will be open for now, as work is ongoing on adjacent fixtures such as lighting and fences. The path will be fully two-way (but still closed to pedestrians), traffic controllers will still be present, and the path will still be closed overnight (8pm – 5am), which BCC says is necessary to allow them to work at night and complete the work in time. Cyclists at night (and pedestrians at all times) will still need to use the existing detour via the northern footpath of Coronation Drive. The full path will not be open until completion of the project, which should be by the end of the month.

The Cribb Street tunnel will also remain closed until the project is complete. The narrow temporary path from the Go Between Bridge to Cribb Street will be closed and removed, but the temporary ramp from Cribb Street down to the bikeway will remain open during the day until the project is complete and the tunnel reopened, after which the ramp will be removed. Update: the temporary ramp will also be removed; access from street level is via the pre-existing permanent ramp.

It’s great to see this stage of the upgrade nearing completion after significant delays due to floods and engineering difficulties (it was originally due to be complete in April), and the reintroduction of two-way cycle traffic will be a welcome convenience in the interim. The other stage currently in progress, Hale Street East (including the diversion over the Go Between Bridge to South Brisbane) will continue until early next year, after which western suburbs cyclists will have a truly great facility from Park Road right into the city.

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