Teneriffe ferry terminal construction

Brisbane City Council advises us that around 20 metres of the shared path near the Teneriffe ferry terminal will be narrowed to about 2 metres during construction of the new Teneriffe CityCat terminal. The affected section of path is next to the roundabout at the end of Commercial Road, where the main bikeway from Newstead returns to the riverfront. Construction is starting now and is planned to continue until December, and the partial closure will be in effect for the duration of construction.

BCC is requesting cyclists dismount for the narrowed section, and has signs in place to this effect. It says this is because of the potential danger sharing the narrow path with pedestrians, and to protect site workers from being hit by bicycles as the workers enter and leave the site.

On a related note, the previously mentioned West End ferry terminal construction work will involve a partial closure of the roundabout at the corner of Hoogley Street and Orleigh Street this Saturday, 23 July, from 6:30 am to 12 noon, to allow concrete trucks access to the site. The roundabout will be generally open for one-way traffic from Hoogley Street to Orleigh Road (in the usual direction of the river loop), but it may need to be closed at times, and cyclists are advised to detour via Ryan Street (the last right turn before the roundabout) and Morry Street (the first left, back down to the river) to avoid the site altogether. There will be traffic controllers present and there is a 40 km/h speed limit in the vicinity of the site.

For further information on either of these closures, please contact Brisbane City Council on 3403 8888.

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