Northside route inspection

The CBD BUG is continuing to push for a proper, safe and direct cycling route for riders travelling to the city from the northern suburbs. Both the State Government and Brisbane City Council have so far failed to deliver cycling infrastructure linking the northside to the city, while the limited access that did exist has been destroyed by the construction of new tunnels for cars. Government and Council admit that a safe, direct route between the northside and the CBD has been in the planning stage for several years, but progress has been very slow and there’s still no solid commitment from either side.

BUG members show BCC staff the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Given the continued delays in delivering a proper, safe and direct northside route, the BUG recently wrote to Council on behalf of northside riders listing a number of interim measures needed immediately, to improve the safety of northside riders until a proper bike route is delivered. Representatives of both the CBD BUG and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital BUG (RBWH BUG) recently met onsite with a representative of Council’s Active Transport Unit, and together cycled the existing northern route identifying a number of desperately needed improvements.

This onsite audit allowed the BUG representatives to clearly explain many safety issues with the existing route, which follows Shaw Road (Wavell Heights), Bridge Street (Wooloowin) and McDonald Road (Albion). Some of the issues identified by CBD BUG and RBWH BUG included:

Heavy trucks regularly cut across this bike lane, which appears just over the crest of a hill.

  • The intersection of Shaw and Lodge Roads, where almost all cars turning left illegally drive in the bike lane for a hundred metres or more;
  • The intersection of Dawson and Rose Streets Kalinga, where cars also enter the bike lane illegally;
  • Lack of space for cyclists along Bridge Street, where poorly parked cars force cyclists to move in and out of motor traffic;
  • Signage concealed by overhanging branches;
  • Heavily worn and missing road markings, such as bike lane symbols and green bicycle lane markings across intersections;
  • Lack of bike lanes along Bridge Street between Wooloowin and Albion train stations; and
  • Illegal parking in bike lanes.

The CBD BUG looks forward to these immediate safety issues being quickly remedied by Council, and will continue to advocate for a proper, safe and direct cycling route for northside cyclists.

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2 Responses to Northside route inspection

  1. Harold Robertson says:

    How about the bike riders who right turn at the intersection of Lodge Rd and Shaw Rds outbound, who ignore traffic turning left outbound from Lodge Rd in to Shaw Rd?
    I always slow on the left turn as bike riders have twice crossed my path. Vehicles stop why can’t bikes.

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