Kedron Brook Bikeway closure at Gympie Road

Thiess John Holland have advised us they will be closing part of the Kedron Brook Bikeway at Gympie Road from tonight until late on Saturday. The closure is to allow them to demolish the Gympie Road bridge over the Brook as part of the Airport Link and Northern Busway project.

TJH advises us there will be signage on the bikeway outlining the duration of the closure and the alternate routes.

For further information call the project’s community hotline on 1800 721 783, or email

Update (29 July): the demolition was unable to be completed by Saturday afternoon as in the original timeframe due to weather issues — wind creating bad dust that needed extra measures for containment and slowed process. It is now expected to be Monday afternoon before re-opening.

Update (1 August): re-opening has now been delayed until Friday afternoon.

Update (5 August): Thiess John Holland have reported the bikeway was reopened on Thursday.

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2 Responses to Kedron Brook Bikeway closure at Gympie Road

  1. Ron Maskell says:

    Surely this bridge could have been kept and used for the left turn at the Kedron Brook pub. It wasn’t unsound. This seems to be typical of the waste of ratepayers money that has been going on since Mad Campbell came to power.

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