Bicentennial Bikeway closure: Hale Street East works starting

The next, “Hale Street East” stage of the Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade is about to start, with a section between the Go Between Bridge and Makerston Street exit to be completely closed to pedestrians and cyclists for over six months.

Map of closure and detour

Map of the closure and recommended detour. Click for a larger version.

Cyclists heading from Toowong into the city will need to cross the Go Between Bridge and then either loop up the path along Bouquet Street and underneath the bridge on Riverside Drive to the path through Kurilpa Park (a longer, but low traffic route, recommended by BCC), or turn directly onto Montague Road (more direct, but on-road). From there, cyclists can either cross back on the Kurilpa Bridge and connect to Tank Street and the section of bike path on George Street, or proceed along either side of the Gallery of Modern Art to the Victoria Bridge, or the Goodwill Bridge, or even the Story Bridge, depending on final destination.

Cyclists heading out from the city towards Toowong will need to do the opposite, crossing the river at one of the bridges in the city and then making their way back on the Go Between Bridge. There is some detour signage in place, but cyclists not familiar with the connections on the south side of the river would be well advised to plan their route and take a map. BCC’s recommended and signed detour is to leave the Bicentennial Bikeway at the Ann Street ramp (just after the Queen Street ramp), cross the river on the Kurilpa Bridge, then use Riverside Drive to get back to the Go Between Bridge.

The closure is currently expected to start tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, but is subject to weather and finalisation of road closure permits. It will remain in place until the end of the project, which BCC is currently advising will be in “early 2012″. More information is available on CBD BUG’s Bicentennial Bikeway page, and from BCC’s Hale Street East page.

In the meantime the current “Hale Street West” works (between the Go Between Bridge and Cribb Street) are still ongoing, with weather and bank stability issues meaning that it is now expected to take at least another month.

Update (15 June, 3:10 PM): BCC has confirmed the closure will start this afternoon.
Update (15 June, 4:20 PM): BCC has informed us the closure has been delayed until tomorrow, some time after 9:30 am.
Update (16 June, 3:00 PM): The closure is now in place.

If you have any queries call the project team on 1800 727 923 (or 07 3403 8888 after hours).

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