Path closures at South Bank

Part of the cycle route through South Bank will be affected by construction for approximately five weeks from Monday, 28 March. The affected section is at the Goodwill Bridge end of the parklands, and will be closed to pedestrians for the duration. Cyclists will be able to continue using the path but it will be narrowed and cyclists will need to take care. South Bank Corporation is recommending that cyclists dismount.

On completion the riverside path (Clem Jones Promenade) will extend right up to the Goodwill Bridge, and this will be the preferred cycle route.

More details are in the flyer ( PDF, 216 kB), from which the text is below.

Changed pedestrian and cycle conditions

from Monday 28 March

  • A section of the Arbour will be closed to pedestrians
    between the Ship Inn and Decks Restaurant.
  • Bicycle traffic ONLY permitted along this section of
    the Arbour.
  • Cyclists should observe caution as path narrows.

A section of the South Bank Arbour will be temporarily closed to pedestrians between The Ship Inn and Decks Restaurant from Monday 28 March for approximately five weeks (please see map on reverse).

This section of the Arbour will be open to bicycle traffic only for this period.

Pedestrians will have alternative access via the path near Mado’s and Timmy’s restaurant and the Griffith University campus.

Due to changed conditions and narrowing of the path, cyclists are recommended to slow down and dismount.

The changed traffic conditions will be in place for the safety of both pedestrians and cyclists. Please follow the direction of traffic controllers and signage.

This work relates to the final stages of construction of South Bank’s newest riverfront dining precinct.

Once complete, the project will include an extension of the Clem Jones Promenade through to Sidon Street, this will become the new bicycle access, returning the Arbour to pedestrian traffic only.

For more information please contact

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3 Responses to Path closures at South Bank

  1. Cris Bennett says:

    Due to changed conditions and narrowing of the path, cyclists are recommended to … dismount.

    This is as unacceptable to me as (I hope) being told to get out and push would be to self-respecting drivers, or to crawl to walkers.

    A bike path is either open or closed. If its open, it’s open for riding. Bikes can be pushed anywhere, no designated bike path required.

  2. Paul French says:

    Hi Chris

    While I share your rejection of the anachronistic notion that cyclists must dismount, the South Bank works notice contains only a recommendation – so there is no requirement to dismount.

    As long as cyclists show some good judgement by riding at a safe speed there should not be any issues.

    Paul French
    Brisbane CBD BUG

  3. Cris Bennett says:

    Fair enough (and I’m with you on the responsibility to be sensible about speed); a ‘recommendation’ at least leaves space for judgement. Cheers. CB.

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