New bikeway route at O’Keefe Street

The Eastern Busway Alliance has advised us that the changeover from the temporary bikeway to the permanent (and upgraded with lighting) bikeway will occur on Wednesday 23 March 2011. This will happen in the middle of the day to avoid peak travel periods.

As mentioned in last weeks special email outbound cyclists who have been shortcutting through the busway need to be aware that the change will mean this option will no longer be available and will be blocked by barriers and eventually permanently fenced off. For cyclists heading outbound / downhill along O’Keefe St towards Stones Corner, the entry point to the new section of bikeway will be on the far (eastern) side of the busway’s junction with O’Keefe St.

Additional temporary and permanent directional signage will be installed as guides for cyclists and traffic controllers will be stationed strategically to assist with way finding on the first couple of days.

The notice from TransLink is available here ( PDF, 2.8 MB), and the textual content is below. For further information contact 1800 194 476 (free call), visit the website or send an email to

O’Keef & Fern Streets, Buranda — new cycleway section

On Wednesday 23 March, the newly constructed section of the South East Freeway bikeway and pedestrian path between Fern and O’Keefe Streets will open.

The new section of path has been constructed alongside the new Eastern Busway connection ramp.

This new section of cycle/pedestrian path links the existing bike and pedestrian path from Cornwall Street to join O’Keefe Street near the Buranda busway station.

The route will be clearly visible to all users and signs will be positioned to indicate the changed conditions.

Cyclists and pedestrians have been using a temporary path running alongside the existing busway off-ramp. This temporary path (shown red in the map below) will be closed when the new path opens.

The original connection to the bike path from Fern Street will also be re-established as part of this work.

Please ride or walk carefully and watch for changed conditions and other path users.

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