Hale St West temporary path closed again

As Western suburbs commuters will already be aware, another landslip on the temporary path around the Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade works at Hale Street West has meant the path has been closed yesterday and today. The landslip is believed to be more severe than but similar in nature to the one that caused a shorter closure last month.

Cyclists are being diverted up the pedestrian ramp on the eastern side of the Go Between Bridge to the footpath on Coronation Drive, via five sets of lights to reach the temporary ramp opposite Cribb Street and re-enter the bikeway. This is the same route as the first half of the regular nightly detour. Traffic controllers and police are present and at peak times have been controlling the intersection of Cribb Street and Coronation Drive to help cope with the thousands of cyclists who go through there each peak hour.

Council is working to fix the temporary path as soon as it can, but current estimates are that it will take at least the rest of this week, and possibly some of next week. In the meantime cyclists are advised to allow extra time, be patient, be prepared for very crowded conditions on the footpath, and seek alternative routes if possible (e.g. Little Cribb Street or the Eleanor Schonell Bridge).

The project’s original scheduled completion in April has now been pushed out to “mid year”, in no small part due to the floods. The next stage of the bikeway upgrade, known as Hale Street East will commence after completion of both this stage and the concurrent Kurilpa Park upgrade project on the other side of the river.

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2 Responses to Hale St West temporary path closed again

  1. The latest word from BCC is that the regular detour should be open again tomorrow morning.

  2. Ben Hiley says:

    It was open yesterday (Momday 28th March).

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