Funding for Riverwalk rebuild

After quite some weeks of doubt, advocacy and political argy-bargy about the future of Riverwalk, it now looks set to be rebuilt. Over the weekend the federal and state governments announced a $315m funding package for repairs to local councils’ damaged infrastructure, including $145m for Brisbane’s ferries and Riverwalk.

The package fully covers Council’s most recent estimate of the costs, $75m for Riverwalk and $70m for the ferries, which should eliminate any excuses for not rebuilding it. The figure is at the top end of Council’s $40–75m range, so there should not be any need to cut corners. Earlier estimates for the ferry costs were $70–100m.

We have not yet been able to get any specific information from Council about its plans to rebuild, but we will continue to pursue it. It’s important that Riverwalk be rebuilt promptly and to a high standard, reflecting its importance as a significant inner city bike link.

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4 Responses to Funding for Riverwalk rebuild

  1. Pinball says:

    75 million dollars is a lot of money to spend on one piece of bike way infrastructure that to be honest only really serves the residents of the river end of New Farm, Tenneriffe, and parts of Newstead.

    You can build a lot of regular bikeway for that money, and the 75 million would be much better spent on new bikeways that service larger populations, upgrading poor quality or over capacity existing bikeways, or buildig more end of trip facilities like King George Square and RBWH.

  2. Peter Whittle says:

    Pinball, don’t go there. It’s a key link. In due course it will link a decent route all the way along Kingsford Smith Drive, and hopefully across a bridge at Teneriffe to the southside. Its usage now is way beyond local residents, as people use it for recreation emanating from the city and roaming around. People love it – and not just locals, which is why its being rebuilt. Even on the local argument, the alternatives are dreadful.
    Argue for more funding – don’t cannibalise and knock down the wins we’ve already had.

  3. Andrew Rasmussen says:

    Well said Peter. It can’t be rebuilt soon enough for my family. Just hope they do it right this time.

  4. Stefan Genzel says:

    Here, Here Peter. I don’t live the river end of New Farm, Tenneriffe, or Newstead and still believe it’s a very important piece of infrastructure that has to be re-built. There are many more people like me from all around Brisbane that love to cycle, run, or walk over this magnificent stretch of the Brisbane River. It would be such a shame for Brisbane not to have it re-built. There is no doubt that the previous Riverwalk had it’s design issues which could be improved upon for Riverwalk 2 but please let’s get behind the re-building process to commence asap.

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