Media release: Cyclists call for Cycling Super Highway on Brisbane’s north side

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15 March 2011

Cyclists call for Cycling Super Highway on Brisbane’s north side

The Queensland Government should immediately build a Cycling Super Highway in Brisbane’s northern suburbs to end the traffic torture of local residents according to the Brisbane Central Business District Bicycle User Group (CBD BUG).

The call for the Cycling Super Highway comes after the devastating effects the Airport Link tunnelling has inflicted on the amenity of residents in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, and a recently revealed report prepared for the Coordinator –General that makes it clear this massively costly project will actually worsen traffic congestion on north side suburban roads.

“Cars are literally killing our city” said CBD BUG spokesman Paul French. “While people continue to sit in traffic jams they are becoming ever more stressed and fatter – ideal candidates for Type II diabetes and heart attacks. Traffic congestion is also costing Brisbane billions every year in lost productivity. Then there are the negative impacts on already stretched household budgets from rising petrol costs”.

Mr French said Brisbane’s northern suburbs are particularly poorly served by cycling infrastructure, with no north-south aligned off-road route to enable cyclists to safely commute to the city. Instead of wrecking residential suburbs with the dust, noise and inconvenience of digging car tunnels the Queensland Government should build infrastructure that will actually enable residents to get around much easier, improve their health status and generate increased economic and social activity.

With more than 80 percent of journeys in South East Queensland made via private motor vehicles this region is one of the most car dependent in the world. Overseas cities have already been able to achieve more than 50 percent of trips being made by bike. But cyclists say the Queensland Government is in “go slow” mode when it comes to encouraging cycling, by giving themselves until 2031 to achieve the very modest target of 9 percent.

“To restore liveability we desperately need to remove the car’s stranglehold on our community. The State Government currently plans to spend $600 million on cycling in South East Queensland over the next 20 years. This ludicrously long time frame and the fact this expenditure pales beside the planned roads expenditure clearly shows there’s only limited interest in lifting cycling’s share of trips” said Mr French.

Numerous surveys have found that the number one reason people won’t cycle is because they don’t think it is safe. Many people want to cycle but feel they can’t do so safely because of the road conditions.

“It’s way past time we moved forward from the 1960’s motorways mindset and adopted some real action in terms of addressing this region’s driving addiction. This out-of-date and now discredited approach simply locks people into even more driving to get around, which in the context of inevitably higher petrol prices is reckless and wasteful” said Mr French.


Media contact: Paul French
0423 974 825

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One Response to Media release: Cyclists call for Cycling Super Highway on Brisbane’s north side

  1. Aaron Ball says:

    I’ve been commuting to the city by bike on and off for 12 years. My first route was through Woolloowin and along the Breakfast Creek bikelane to Bowen Bridge … until the bikepath was completely closed as a result of the ICB. Then I went via Kingsford Smith Dve and through Newstead … but the roadworks and construction around Newstead/Teneriffe (which have been going on forever) ended that. Now I use the Kedron Brook bikeway and get to the city by Kedron Brook Rd … but the ongoing disruption to the Kedron Brook Bikeway is getting worse with stupid diversions, blind corners and sharp gravel all over the path. It’s almost like the government is actively trying to destroy all possible routes. I notice that the supposed official bikeroute along the ICB heading south west is now also closed, with all cyclists diverted off the route into the back of Bowen Hills where there’s no bike routes at all to the city.

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