Unscheduled Bicentennial Bikeway closure

As a number of members noticed, over the weekend the Bicentennial Bikeway was closed all day around the Hale Street West upgrade works (between the Go Between Bridge and Park Road). The bikeway is scheduled to be closed overnight (8 pm – 5 am) and open all day (5 am – 8 pm) with traffic controllers in place, but this weekend the bikeway was totally closed all day.

We’ve now heard back from Council that this was due to a misunderstanding with the traffic controllers, who were not aware that they were required over the weekend. Council advises that this will not happen again, and the bikeway will be closed only during the hours previously advised (as above).

We’ve also raised the issue of lack of signage of the closure, both for cyclists and to advise motorists that the bikeway is closed and to be alert for cyclists on the road.

If you have any further issues please let us know and/or contact the BCC bikeways project team (on 1800 727 923 or at bikewayprojects@brisbane.qld.gov.au). For further information on the works, see the BUG’s Bicentennial Bikeway page or Brisbane City Council’s Hale Street West page.

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