Latest BCC bikeway status update

Continuing the series of updates on bikeway status from Brisbane City Council, here is the latest table and text:

Bikeways update

Council is pleased to announce that a majority of bikeways affected by the flood have been repaired and are now open for use.

However Council is asking residents to take care on all bikeways as localised sections may still require minor cleaning or repairs to the bikeway paving.

In addition, pathway lighting damaged during the floods has not been restored at all locations, so please take care when using the pathways at night.

The inner city and CBD pathways still affected by temporary closures include: City Reach Boardwalk, Cultural Centre Boardwalk, Southbank Promenade and Riverside Drive at West End.

A section of the Northbank Bikeway from the ‘former’ QUT Ferry Terminal to the Goodwill Bridge will be closed from next week to allow for reconstruction of that section as part of the State Government project to upgrade the whole bikeway from Victoria Bridge. Signs will advise all users of the detour through the QUT carpark and grounds. For further information, contact the Project Coordinator on 1800 396 046.

The floating Riverwalk at New Farm has been extensively damaged, with some sections of the walkway washed away. This facility will be closed for a significant period. Short term alternative pedestrian and cycle routes have been identified along Moray Street, Bowen Terrace, Ivory Lane, and Boundary Street.

With current diversions in place pedestrians and cyclists will need to exercise caution when sharing narrow pathways and footpaths. Cyclists are reminded to slow down and sound their bell when approaching pedestrians to warn they are about to pass them on the right. Pedestrians, when you hear a cyclist’s bell, walk in single file as close to the left as possible.

Damaged or blocked pathways can be reported to Brisbane City Council via Council’s Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888. This will enable Council’s maintenance teams to be advised and appropriate remedial work or cleaning undertaken. For updates or maps on bikeways and shared pathways in your local area, visit or call Council on 3403 8888.

CBD BUG’s understanding from BCC is that the Cultural Centre Boardwalk closure is to remove silt from around the boardwalk, and the City Reach Boardwalk closure is to allow motor vehicle access to flood-affected buildings.

Also, note the impending closure of the Northbank bikeway near QUT for several months.

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2 Responses to Latest BCC bikeway status update

  1. Peter Whittle says:

    Very disappointed to read the City Reach Boardwalk is still closed. I tried to ride along there the other day, to get from the Botanic Gardens to the Storey Bridge. Just a short distance in, there was a fence. No detour sign, suggested route etc. So I set off on the footpath and soon discovered it was an awful trip, so I went on the road. This was only for very experienced and confident riders. So what we have, basically, is no way to get from one end of town to the other by bike.

    Let’s get this in proportion. The boardwalk has been semi-closed for a very long time. WHAT …. ARE ….. THEY ….. DOING ????? How can anyone criticise the CityCycle scheme for lack of uptake, when it’s just about impossible to cross the city on a bike in any case?

  2. Andrew Rasmussen says:

    It’s going to get harder to ride around the City from next week with this new closure at QUT. I think I’ll be going Story Bridge, Kangaroo Pt cliffs, Southbank (through the arbor), boardwalk in front of the Cultural Centre (meant to be open soon if not already), Kurilpa Bridge. Spoke with someone at Southbank who said that it was ok to ride slowly through the arbor.

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