This week’s bikeway status update

Brisbane’s inner city bikeway network is finally getting back to the state it was in before the floods. This morning the Bicentennial Bikeway opened again, and the majority of other bikeways are now open too.

We’re expecting another report from Council soon, but here are our observations as of this evening:

  • Bicentennial Bikeway (Toowong to Victoria Bridge): open.
  • North Bank (Victoria Bridge to Goodwill Bridge): open
  • Goodwill Bridge: open
  • Kurilpa Bridge: open 6 am to 6 pm only
  • Riverside Drive: open
  • Go-Between Bridge: open (bikeway, road and footpath)
  • Victoria Bridge: open
  • South Bank promenade: closed. Detour through parklands or via Grey Street.
  • Kurilpa Bridge to Victoria Bridge boardwalk: closed
  • Kangaroo Point boardwalk: open
  • Floating Riverwalk: destroyed
  • Riverside: partially open: open from Boundary St (near Story Bridge) to Creek St (near Jade Buddha), closed to Alice St. Detour via footpaths on Eagle St, Felix St, Margaret St and Edward St.
  • Botanic gardens: open
  • South-East Freeway: open
  • Western Freeway: open.
  • Eleanor Schonell Bridge: open
  • Kedron Brook: open
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One Response to This week’s bikeway status update

  1. Meg Woolfit says:

    Came home via the Kangaroo Point boardwalk tonight, and while the paths are all clear, there are no streetlights on and some sections are seriously pitch dark. Even with a headlight, if I hadn't already known where I was going I would have been off the path several times. There are also pedestrians talking strolls in the dark, sometimes on the cycle side of the path. Not a terribly relaxing ride at the moment (but passable if you're careful).

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