Take care out training

As well as the recent bikeway status report Brisbane City Council has asked us to publish the following notice:

Cycling Training Groups

Many bikeways and road circuits that cyclists use for training will be affected by the current Flood Event. This includes the popular River Loop circuits. Inspections of all bikeways are being undertaken today and an updated list will be sent to cycling organisations and BUGS this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Council’s web site will also have a list of road closures although most cyclists will be aware of the many closures themselves.

When using other locations across the city, please be aware that the Flood Recovery Operation being conducted by Council is in full operation with heavy equipment, trucks and water tankers working in local streets. Other locations are being used as central rubbish depositories before the material is transferred to Waste Transfer Stations across the city.

Many of these areas will be under Traffic Control and cyclists are advised to exercise caution, slow down and obey the directions of these controllers.

One particular area being used by Council is Mt Coot-tha along Scenic Drive and Sir Samuel Griffith Drive. This may involve a partial road closure at times to allow large trucks access to the sites. The quarry is also being used to store rubbish. Cyclists are advised to exercise extra caution at this location.

Update: BCC has also sent the following notice from the Queensland Police Service:

Cycling to and around Mt Coot-tha

There are numerous locations in an around the suburbs of Brisbane that are used as staging and collection points for the removal of debris as a part of the cleanup from several flood inundated areas. This debris is brought to these locations by small truck, trailers and any other means available. From these sites, the debris is loaded onto Heavy Vehicles, including Trucks, Truck and Trailer combinations, Semi Trailers and B-Doubles, and transported to various landfill sites across Brisbane. Motorists and pedestrians should exercise caution in and around roads near these staging and collection points and be aware of the movement of Heavy Vehicles in areas where they are not usually encountered.

The Queensland Police Service has reported some problems in areas where roads have been closed for these staging and collection points. Of particular note, there are locations on Mount Coot-tha which are closed to all traffic – Scenic Drive (between Sir Samuel Griffith Drive and the Scenic Restaurant), Mount Coot-tha Road (between the Western Freeway and Sir Samuel Griffith Drive) and the section of Sir Samuel Griffith Drive (between Mount Coot-tha Road and Simpsons Road). Road Closures apply to all road-users, including cyclists. Today, cyclists have been observed today trying to meld in with large numbers of heavy vehicles including up to B Double size utilising the areas for the dumping and/or collection of refuse.

Cyclists are requested to avoid the Mount Coot-tha area from the Western Freeway Roundabout to the Simpsons Road intersection. Cyclists who wish to use Mount Coot-tha are requested to access Mount Coot-tha from Simpsons Road and travel towards Channel 10. They will be able to travel as far as the Summit Restaurant where the road is closed due to these dumping activities.

For those cyclists who utilise the Western Freeway bikepath from Anzac Park to access Mount Coot-tha they are requested to turn right on to Richer Street (before the Planetarium) travel along Richer Street on to Stuartholme Road (do not go down Birdwood Terrace past the access to Stuartholme College as that will bring you out on Sir Samuel Griffith Drive near the secondary dumping site) turn left on to Leworthy Street and then left on to Simpsons Road and then right on to Sir Samuel Griffith Drive. This will avoid all of the heavy vehicles and the dumping sites associated with this activity.

Road users will need to continue exercising extreme care and caution in and around these staging and collection points, as they will continue to be in operation for several more days.

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